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DSCF0152-EditDer Kommissar offers a Brooklyn twist on an Austrian institution, the Würstelstand. Sausage stands in Vienna are far more than glorified hotdog carts, they are the nexus of food culture. Rather than taking their food to go, patrons tend to hang around, have a beer, and interact socially. Featuring a menu of artisanal Austrian-style sausages, eight draft beers, and an extensive selection of schnapps. Der Kommissar brings a little bit of Vienna to 5th Ave.

Der Kommissar is NOW open on 5th Avenue and 15th street from noon till late. Owners Gary Baldwin and wife Monika Wuhrer, an Austrian native, along with their partner Alex Darsey, have set out to build a spot for good beer, tasty sausages, and great hospitality. All three partners have lived and worked in the Park Slope area for a combined 25 years. Gary and Monika are owners of the Open Source Gallery. Home for artists both local and international, it is also a de-facto South Slope ‘town hall’ offering a soup kitchen throughout the holiday season and a summer camp for local kids that culminates in an annual soapbox derby on 17th street. Alex is a photographer and bar man-about-town having served time in many a local watering-hole.

Austrians Barbara Wuehrer (OCV Architects), Frank Scheiderbauer (woodworker extraordinaire), Hubert Dobler (the muralist), and Raphaela Riepl (bathroom installation artist), lend an Austrian flair to this local brooklyn sausage bar.

Der Kommissar is a 20-seat hang-out offering affordable, locally-sourced food and drink. A place where you can grab a bite to go from the walk up window, hang out and watch a ball game, or just pull up to the bar and hang out with Alex.

Special thanks to Sara Arnold and Mary Ellen Cooper (OCV Architects), Jerome Engelking, Ben Rader and many more.
Very special thanks to Jake Klein for bringing invaluable expertise to a nascent idea.


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