A graphic tablet (also known as a pen tablet, drawing tablet or digitizer) is a hardware input device used primarily by digital artists, although you don’t have to devote to it to use them. It is sensitive to touch and transfers the movements of the pen or mouse to a monitor.

The position of the pen or mouse correlates directly with the position of the cursor on the monitor. It takes a moment of getting used to drawing on the surface of the tablet, but once it reaches the learning curve, it is as natural as using a pen or pencil on the paper.

Advantages of digitizer tablets

Drawing tablets that used among digital design professionals require high precision, quality and functionality. Therefore, there are pros of using graphic tablets, it is always preferable to pay a little more to have a superior quality tool that lasts as long as possible to make your investment profitable. Reading Intuos draw reviews, is the first step to find the best graphic tablet model.

Professional models gives this guarantee on its graphic tablets, it is not surprising that it has become the best brand of tablets on the market.

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*If you are thinking of buying a graphics tablet, look at the following features. They will take away any doubts you may have:

The perfection of the tool, whether mid-range or professional

Graphic tablets undoubtedly stand out for the quality and finishes they provide to your designs. High-end graphic tablets are the best option if you are a professional in the world of illustration or animation.

They offer you accuracy and precision in each stroke

Graphic tablets perfectly reflect the brush strokes to the subtlest nuance of pressure and even recognize the angle of the pencil and its rotation.

The greatest functionality

Graphics tablets are tremendously easy to use and configure. Connect it to the USB port or connect it wirelessly, install the software and go. In addition, digital tablets are factory equipped with a variety of design software for the most creative.

The brand offers you various models from the most professional to models that you can use if you are a fan of digital design. And all easy to use and of great quality!

Graphic Tablet vs Mouse: What Differences Are There?

A mouse can be very comfortable to navigate menus, and even very precise to move sliders. However, in the edition there also are tools that require a different movement, something more similar to drawing or painting, than to select and drag.

Within a drawing tablet vs mouse, a graphic tablet you will be able to make movements that you would be unable to do with the mouse, no matter how much you practice. The lines can be created with a tablet will be precise and fluid, like when you draw on paper. So, the graphic tablets worth it.