How do you know if your projector lamp is bad?

All projectors use a lamp of some sort to illuminate and project the picture. After some time, similar to all bulbs, these turn sour. Present day projector bulbs ordinarily don’t flop catastrophically any longer, so rather than a harmed projector, there basically is no picture.

Moreover, the present units give visual feedback with regards to the lamp’s status, offering an initially thought to know if your projector lamp is bad or not.

Signs a Projector Bulb Needs Replacing



Fortunately, there are a couple of signs projector bulb needs replacing. Watch out for these signs to guarantee your projector is in working request.

     1. Loss of Image

In the event that you turn on the projector and there is no picture, you have an issue. There is a decent possibility your bulb possesses passed on and it’s energy for a replacement projector lamp. Before the bulb bites the dust, you may see the picture dimming.

The brightness or brilliance starts to fade. The human eye can change in accordance with a dim picture and the issue can go unnoticed. Give turning up the color a shot your projector. In the event that the picture is as yet dim or doesn’t change, at that point the bulb should be supplanted.

     2.Flickering Image

Have you seen a flicker in the pictures originating from the projector? This is another sign your bulb is dying and going to wear out. It could likewise be the sign of a flawed bulb, which can happen when you don’t utilize an OEM projector lamp.

     3. An Indicator on the Projector


Numerous projectors or DLP TVs presently have an indicator that turns on when you need a replacement lamp. This could be a flashing yellow light or red admonition on the screen, or a bulb symbol on the presentation. Counsel the documentation that accompanied the projector if you aren’t sure where the indicator is found.

You can keep on making use of the projector until the bulb wears out. You will see a debasing picture after some time. We propose replacing the projector bulb before it wears out.

      4.Color Loss

The color wheel inside a DLP projector needs a solid bulb to work appropriately. The haggle chip can’t precisely show colors when you need a replacement bulb. Blurring colors, or colors that appear to be off or sloppy, is another sign your projector bulb is dying.

It is recommended making use of an approved seller for the replacement bulb. You might have the option to discover a lamp at a lower cost at the time to replace projector lamp, however that could mean low quality pictures and an extremely short lifespan for the lamp.