What is the difference between LCD and DLP?

DLP and LCD projectors are the main types of video projectors on the market. More precisely it is the lamp of the video projectors which differ according to the technology. Each of the advantages and disadvantages of their own between dlp vs LCD projector but they do not surpass one or the other.

Description of DLP technology

The dlp projector lamps work from a lamp emitting light that passes through a color wheel made up of the 3 primary colors (red, green, blue) which makes it possible to obtain all the existing colors. Then the light reflected on a microchip composed of mirrors that each represent a pixel of the image and return the colors on the image and your eye is responsible for merging the colors to obtain the final image.

This technology based on mirrors will allow you to obtain an image of excellent quality.


  • Black is more intense than on an LCD,
  • Colors are more accurate and durable. DLP technology can reproduce all existing colors thanks to its color wheel and the efficiency of your retina as well as its high brightness,
  • DLP produces better image sharpness thanks to mirrors that reduce the impact of pixelization,
  • DLPs have an excellent contrast thanks to the elimination of pixelization, which allows you to obtain a remarkable readability and clarity

In addition, HD and 3D models are more and more affordable.


  • The price of DLP remains high (min 250 for first prices),
  • The life of the lamp is quite low (on average it takes 2,000 hours),
  • Noise because fans are installed to cool the lamp which generates a sound of their parts,
  • A rare phenomenon can occur that of the rainbow effect: you will perceive on the screen of small rainbow which can disturb you,
  • If your brain is very fast, it is possible that you separate the colors which will generate eye fatigue but this is rarer on high-end models

Conclusion on DLP projectors

If you want to get a quality image while putting the price difference between LCD and DLP, the DLP projectors will allow you to view your movie or play your video games perfectly by having a sharp image with bright colors for breathtaking sensations.

Description of LCD technology


LCDs use the polarization of light to produce a digital display on a flat screen. The crystals are subjected to an electric current, which produces pixels and provides the coveted image.

Advantages :

  • LCDs are easy to use, compact and lightweight (very useful in the professional environment (slide show, conference, meeting, etc.)
  • LCD colors are more natural,
  • The image is softer and the definition is superior to the LCD,
  • Electricity consumption is quite low,
  • LCDs are more and more sophisticated (almost invisible grid, HD resolution, improved contrast),
  • LCDs offer a better price range.


  • Some pixels may be dead which will generate a small black dot on the screen that can be painful especially if there are several who are failing,
  • The depths of the blacks are significantly lower than the DLP,
  • The contrast is quite low compared to the DLP,
  • The grid or interpixel space is visible from close up which creates a black grid effect,
  • Image quality that can be mediocre if the model is entry-level (150-300 euros)

Conclusion on LCD projectors


LCDs have evolved a lot in recent years and some are as good as DLPs, so which is better dlp or lcd, answer is they are universal and can be used to watch a movie or show slides at a meeting or presentation.