Are projectors good for gaming?

Since televisions happens to be enlarged in size and offer as wide as 77 inches large screen, the debate “gaming on projector Vs. TV” has been pretty hot in the market and there use to be many various kinds of views on them. Another thing that stands out in these projectors is their portability and space storage. So, it’s a convenient option for gamers who like to travel or don’t have a specific gaming room.

In this article, you will be helped in the difficult decision of projector vs tv for gaming. All you need to know to make your decision is coming right up.

Decide Your Own Screen Size with a Projector


The first thing that comes to your mind when talking about, using a projector for gaming over the screen. The larger the better right? However, there are many limitations that we need to take care of as well. The space on the wall, the size of the room, the connections each and everything can be a limitation.

It’s All about Value

As mentioned earlier, the value of a projector is much more than a television. The first question that arises here is how will you find the value of your screen? Many people talk about the value of projectors and televisions but most of us still don’t know how to calculate the value of the screen.

The Perfect Sound

If you want the perfect sound for your gaming room, the kind of sound quality that makes you feel that you are right inside the game, then my friend, without a doubt you need to invest in a home theater system or sound system that is specifically made for the purpose. When you are expecting your television or your projector to provide the same level of sound, then only disappointment follows your purchase.

The Importance of Lightning

Along with the screen size and resolution, the lighting quality of the screen can also make or break your gaming experience. The lightning of a screen includes its brightness, contrast and the back light. The lightning quality, brightness, and contrast depend on how much you can see in an amply lighted room. A bright and well-lighted screen will be crystal clear in a lighted room but a poorly lighted screen with low contrast require turning the lights off.

Projectors, regardless of how good high quality and how lit well, cannot accomplish the level of brightness of a television. Televisions nowadays are LED’s that provide a bright and well-lit screen that enhances the contrast as well as the back light, but this feature is lacking in projections.

Screen Resolution Matters

Screen size is not the only thing that is considered while playing video games on a projector for your gaming room. The screen resolution also gets plenty of attention. A large screen with dull colors, a little lighting and minimum contrast not only kill the charm of your gaming experience but also can be a complete loss of your money.

As the gaming world is developing, the graphics are being pushed to the limit and the resolution requirements needed to clearly display these gaming graphics are being increased day by day.